This Event is 21 and over!

How is our Cup different from other Cups? 

Our focus is on Science, Education, and Best Practices.

We set a new standard for judging medical cannabis quality, that is scientific and objective. Our event will not be a "smokefest," like other cups. We admit they can be fun, but we don't believe that judges can objectively and scientifically evaluate several samples of cannabis in one day. It is just not possible, and in fact, our judges do not evaluate any cannabis at the Cup. 

The safety of patients is paramount.

The sample must first go to Sequoia Labs for safety testing. If the sample passes the safety test, it goes on to potency testing. After potency testing, the samples are sent to the judges for evaluation.

All of our entries are evaluated by our hand-selected judges, in the privacy of their own homes. We use blind testing, so that our judges do not know who grew the sample, or what strain it is. The sample is identified only by a secret number. Judges are asked not to use any other mood-altering substances prior to evaluating the sample. 

The integrity of our Cup is important to us, our farmers, and our patients.

A Judge or Cup Organizer can not enter the Cup. A Cup Organizer may not act as a Judge for the Cup. 

Judges do not pay to participate. They are selected from numerous local applicants, who have knowledge and experience in the cannabis industry, a pre-existing medical need and a valid doctor's recommendation. We believe this will become the new standard for cannabis quality evaluations.

Judging takes place over a 2-week period, and the winner is decided the week prior to the event. This way judges do not consume any cannabis at the event, nor do we need to transport cannabis to and from the event.

SUBMIT A SAMPLE TO COMPETE IN THE CUP! Make an appointment below, call or email. Entry fee is $350 for flowers, concentrates and hash, $200 for topicals and edibles. We pay all lab fees!


Exciting new Vietnamese food truck serving up delicious soup, sandwiches and more!  One of our local favorites, located in Auburn. Check out the restaurant called Pho King Good.   
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The Nevada County Cup will be a celebration of our local medical cannabis culture and industry, with classes, speakers, networking, art and music. We will announce the winners there, recognize leaders in our community, hand out some beautiful trophies, do some celebrating, and learn about this amazing natural medicine.
Irie Rockers
DJ StepRock
DJ Redlocks
Jah Mikey


DAN AGER, Cannaverse Solutions
Daniel Ager was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in a cannabis
gardening family with a long history of ghting prohibition alongside his father
who became the rst medical marijuana defendant to go to trial in the United
States. Daniel holds a degree in Plant and Molecular Cellular Biology from UC
Berkeley and started the fabric pot company, Spring Pots. Daniel most recently
co-founded Cannaverse Solutions, a branding and online marketing
Dr. Bedore currently serves as an educator and client consultant specializing in the application of cannabinoids in the treatment of healthcare challenges. Dr. Bedore has presented at International Cannabis Institute Expos and Conferences and has provided training in practical application of cannabinoids as a medicine to a range of health professionals on all levels. Dr. Bedore holds degrees and advanced degrees in biological sciences, forest management, business, and education. In addition, Dr. Bedore is a certified master gardener and is highly knowledgeable in the areas of horticulture, extractions/concentrates, patient care, education, and direct and ancillary cannabis related businesses. As a research scientist, Dr. Bedore has worked with many clients with health care challenges ranging from aches and pains to cancers. Working directly with clients has provided Dr. Bedore with extensive insights into the practical applications of cannabinoids in palliative care and beyond.
Local attorney and a staunch supporter of several medical marijuana advocacy groups and
industry organizations, Sam Berns is also a member of the legal committee
of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and its California chapter.
Since the passage of Proposition 215 (Compassionate Use Act of 1996),
Nevada City attorney, Andrew Wilson has represented clients engaged in the cannabis industry on compliance with the Compassionate Care and Medical Marijuana Programs, and has extensive experience practicing law in the financial sector.
Luke is a cannabis entrepreneur and sommelier with previous business experience in the tech and mobile industries. He has worked at startups FreeRange Communications (purchased by SPRINT) and IODA (purchased by SONY). In 2008, he began working in the medical marijuana industry in California. He has consulted on hundreds of cultivation operations as well as the development and marketing of different cannabis products including flowers, edibles, and extractions. In 2014, he founded Herb and Fire Cannabis Solutions as a way to help support emerging cannabis companies. In 2014, he also founded "Lucky Box Club", a monthly, cannabis subscription service providing premiere cannabis products to its members. 
Mr. Bradley is the Executive Director and co-founder of the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA). He is responsible for public policy advocacy and political strategy at the state and local levels. Mr. Bradley is highly skilled in creating campaign messaging, demographic targeting, and public policy development.  

Before joining CCIA, Mr. Bradley was the President of BCI Solutions, a Medical Cannabis Strategic Consulting firm. He is considered an “outside the box” strategist whose hard-driving style has earned him a reputation as one of the leaders in California's cannabis industry. 

Mr. Bradley’s served as a spokesman and advisor to the Yes on Prop 19 Campaign and was a public policy advisor to CSPARC (Committee for Safe Patient Access to Regulated Cannabis) in Sacramento County, California.

He has represented his clients interests before government bodies, while developing numerous contacts in state and local government. Mr. Bradley is often sought out to provide policy advice to public officials from around the state. He has consulted with numerous California lawmakers throughout the state and local levels and has testified on of behalf of legislation being introduced into the California State Legislature.

In 2010 Mr. Bradley founded Lawmen Protecting Patients, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit advocacy organization consisting of retired and disabled members of the law enforcement community who have become medical cannabis patients and now advocate on their behalf.

Mr. Bradley also brings with him 10 years of education and experience in law enforcement and defense investigation. He has worked as a city Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff and Criminal Defense Investigator. During his time in law enforcement he received extensive specialized training and has conducted numerous criminal investigations. Contact Nate via email at
He became active in the cannabis movement in 1995, as a volunteer with Cannabis Action Network. While there, he gathered signatures for prop. 215, registered voters and promoted the passage of this wonderful law by co-producing concerts and events. When the Compassionate Use Act was made law, he dove in head first and helped organize what would become Humboldt Cannabis Center, serving north-coast patients for five years. He also co-founded several organizations dedicated to the implementation of California’s medicinal cannabis laws, including Medical Cannabis Association and Patients’ Health Defense. The M.C.A. is still in operation.

Since the closure of H.C.C. in 2001, He's directed his attention to advocating the model of “Direct Access”. This model of cultivation and distribution is specifically protected under California law and is more likely to out-last federal attacks, as it represents qualified individuals directly, rather than through third parties. It also requires better internal tracking methods (reducing the risk of criminal diversion) and when implemented correctly, does not involve any “sales” or “trafficking”, which may prove advantageous for tax purposes as well. Following the model of direct access allows organizations to provide things which retail dispensaries often do not, such as reduced costs, effective isolation and preservation of particular strains, quality assurances on the cannabis being produced and providing a myriad of other products and services that benefit the interests of their membership. It’s a model of self regulation and true grassroots organizing that requires patients to be more involved with their healing process. Most importantly, direct access allows qualified individuals to really produce their own medicine collectively or cooperatively and is a very democratic model.

He is currently the Owner of Full Circle Cannabis Consultations, a company that serves the patient community by facilitating the evolution of the cannabis industry into a sanely regulated medical market. Their primary service is providing Expert Testimony to the Courts, in cannabis related criminal and civil cases. They also conduct Seminars and offer web-based and digital educational products. They offer customized Operations and Compliance Binders for qualified individuals and their Associations. They have recently teamed up with a skilled law firm (Berg and Associates) to provide very thorough Formation Services for organizations wanting to start-up, or to bring their current operations into better compliance, within the cannabis industry. Together, they plan to market this Formation Service (with the Binders included) to attorneys and law firms throughout California, and beyond. 
A Penn Valley Favorite! Cesar's Quick Lunch is super popular with the locals and can be found at True Value in Penn Valley for a quick and delicious Mexican lunch.

Wade is a master cannabis cultivator known for identifying and propagating the high-CBD strain known as Harlequin. In addition to cultivating premium cannabis for nearly two decades, Wade has specialized in CBD-rich cannabis cultivation in Northern California for the last ten years. He is a researcher, speaker and activist about cannabis. Wade also advocates for patients’ access to safe, clean, affordable medicine, while providing cultivators with information on Best Management Practices.

Wade was recognized as a master cultivator by High Times Magazine as early as 2008.

In addition to tending to the garden, Wade also consults with patients who are members of his collective, works on the herb farm or is guest speaking at cannabis panel discussions.
We recommend carpooling when possible. Parking is limited at the Holiday Inn (first come, first serve!), but there is parking across the street from the back lot, under the bypass. You can park on the street, too, but pay attention to days and times you might get towed. Don’t park in residential neighborhoods! Safeway on Neal is a couple blocks away, and has a large parking lot. You can also park along a shuttle route (Gold Country Stage runs on Saturday) or take a taxi.


If you haven’t already made arrangements, you should be thinking about where you’re going to stay. The Holiday Inn is almost booked, but there’s the Holbrooke on Main Street, downtown Grass Valley. Another option is the Best Western off Sutton Rd (Brunswick exit).

Sandy has had a passion for the culinary arts since she was a teenager. In 1974 she began baking cannabis "edibles" to help relieve her brother of chronic pain. 

Over the years she perfected her methods and recipes and with the passage of California's groundbreaking medical marijuana initiative, Proposition 215 in 1996, began creating top-notch medicine for California patients. She has crafted hundreds of cannabis-infused recipes over the past two decades, notable for their potency and lack of grassy, chlorophyl flavor found in other cannabis dishes.

Currently she prepares her dishes for a select group of medical marijuana dispensing collectives in Northern California, is the Professor of Culinary Arts at Oaksterdam University, and the mother of three wonderful daughters. 

"Aunt Sandy's foods truly relieve pain in the body, mind, and soul. Her warmth and compassion shines through in her recipes"- Dennis Peron, author Proposition 215
FALL 2018
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Pele's serves delicious wood fire pizza with a Hawaiian flare. Our pizzas are cooked in a traditional brick wood fire oven and we use the finest Italian flour for an amazing crust. I invite you to take a look at us on facebook at 
2nd Annual 
Our cup is on standby while our elected officials figure out laws that allow for the free and legal cultivation of cannabis in our county.